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This is my artistic representation of your name or any name that you wish to order.

Based on your colour selection, I will draw it by hand, digitize and send you a high quality (300 dpi) file in .png and one in .jpg format. In addition, a thumbnail will also be emailed to you. Give this as a gift to someone of have one made for you.

There are many applications for these artistic works. I have a few suggestions for you, such as:
• Use it as your own very unique digital signature/personal logo (thumbnail format)
• Print it on a T-Shirt/cap and wear it, proudly!
• Print it on a special paper, then frame and hang it at your office/home
• Print or embroider it on the back of your jersey when you play any team games.
• Engrave it on anything that you own or you build.
• Have it made out of a precious/semi-precious material (because you are worth it!) in a form of a pendent, ring, or a charm.
• Why not give it as a wedding/anniversary gift or a valentines gift with couple’s first names; I am sure they appreciate this unique gift.

I hope these ideas will make you even more creative than ever before, so you can come up with your own new ideas; don’t forget to share them with me.